The delivery for the cards that will be allocated to you following your participation in a break is always free. By default, delivery is made with Canada Post by regular mail. We always send the cards a maximum of one week after the break. We do not guarantee service once mailed. Thus, it is impossible for us to guarantee the delivery time.

It is always possible to ask to go to the breaker who made the break in which you participated to pick up your cards in person. ATTENTION, there are 4 breakers in the CF31 company, so it is possible that your cards end up in more than one place.


We have made available to you a product named TRACKING in our shop. Upon purchase of this product, you will be assigned a tracking number with Canada Post. Thus, as soon as the shipment is made, you will know where your cards are in real time. Without tracking, we cannot guarantee 100% delivery, which is why we strongly advise holders of cards exceeding several hundred dollars to take the Tracking option.